Classic Competition Spec

What a strange journey it has been!

Classic Competition Specialties started over thirty years ago with a boy who just could not get enough of playing with cars and figuring out how things work. Having a father with the same passion for cars, planes and motorcycles helped drive his desire to excel at something B.J. loved.

Starting with riding go-karts and mini-bikes in the early years and progressing to bigger and faster toys as he got older has been a life long experience. Accumulating huge amounts of first hand knowledge, vicarious lessons and his fair share of mistakes along the way has put a position to offer the utmost detail and craftsmanship to your vintage automobile and competition vehicle.

Here are a few of B.J.'s accomplishments:

Racing 100cc Yamaha Karts with many wins and always a position among the top 5 in points.
Building engines for various classes of competition, garnering several wins and points championships.
Crew chief on Pro Gas flat bottom drag boat ''TAKE THAT'' and setting a World Record of 142.980 mph in Phoenix, AZ in 1989.
Building and design of his own and other 3/4 Midgets, has brought him several wins and points championships in the ATQMRA.
The last few years B.J. has moved his sights up to Full Midgets competing in the N.E.M.A. series slowly climbing another ladder which is sure to be another successful journey.

All of this, and what is yet to come, is the lifelong pursuit of making and refining a better mouse trap for your pre-war Grand Prix car or your post-war sports car.

WE only know how to do it one way! THE RIGHT WAY!!

Classic Competition Spec
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